Top Ten Gymnasts Of All Time And Their Accomplishments

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Men’s and women’s gymnastics competition features some great athletes. Ten gymnasts stand out as among the greatest in their field.

1. Nadia Comaneci is considered by many as the greatest gymnast in history. She won four gold medals and made a perfect score.

2. Olga Korbut won four gold medals during the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games.

3. Mary Lou Retton was an American gymnast who dominated the 1984 Olympics.

4. Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina won 18 medals as an Olympian. Many believe that she should be recognized at the greatest gymnast.

5. Another great Russian gymnast was Dmitry Bilozerchev. He Read more

What Is Involved In Training A Potential Olympic Gymnast?

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If you are a fan of the Olympic Games, whether it be for the gymnastics, the extreme sports, or anything in between, then you likely take the time to watch coverage of these events every four years when the games occur and are broadcasted worldwide. However, have you ever taken the time to stop and think about the amount of hard work, training, and dedication that goes into training an Olympic gymnast? Not many people do.

Most gymnasts never even aspire to make it to the Olympics themselves, but are instead scouted out by coaches and other trainers Read more

How Important Are Gymnastics Moms To A Successful Gymnast?

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If your child is in gymnastics, it is actually beneficial if you were once a gymnast yourself. There are many things that go into gymnastics and many children feel overwhelmed if they are alone in their journey to becoming a great gymnast. If you were in gymnastics when you were younger, your child will feel like you know what they are dealing with and you will also be able to help them if they have Read more

Gymnastics Takes Talent, Commitment And A Lot Of Sacrifice

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The sport of gymnastics is not only about flexibility and strength, it’s about dedication, determination and endurance. To become a good gymnast you really have to be talented and love the sport. This means spending a lot of hours in the gym perfecting your skills. This is where sacrificing comes into play. Managing your time is key, and in most cases, you will have to give up a lot of your social life with friends and family. Practicing on a daily basis is Read more

The Sport Of Women’s Gymnastics: Not For Everyone

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Women’s Gymnastics is certainly not for just anyone. Precision, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and most importantly, physical strength are all skills that are required of a gymnast. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and intense training to master all of the skills gymnast must acquire making the sport a most difficult one. Not only do gymnasts have to go through physical training, they must also develop certain mental skills as well. It is a sport that demands constant self awareness, concentration, and confidence. It’s not enough to be strong physically. One must train their mind to be just Read more

How To Become A Gymnast And What It Takes

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If you are interested in becoming a great gymnast, you will find that starting at an early age helps. It takes a lot of rigorous work outs and training to become a gymnast. Having a gymnast coach is going to be one of the most important things that you do. You want a coach that is going to be able to coach you as well as keep you safe. He is going to be looking out for your wellfare the whole time that he is coaching you.

Being a great gymnast Read more

The Exciting Sport Of Gymnastics And Its Incredible Struggles

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The Exciting Sport Of Gymnastics
The world of gymnastics is similar to reaching for the stars. As a competitive sport, gymnastics is not for the feint of heart. The future gymnast should consider the enormous effort the sport requires as well as time and talent. There are two categories of gymnastics: artistic and rhythmic.

Gymnastics comprises a number of different varieties: use of gymnastic apparatus such as high bars, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, pummel horse, and rings and floor stunts. These are considered artistic gymnastics. Other types of gymnastics are performed with large hoops, ropes, ribbons clubs Read more

What It Takes To Become A Successful Olympic Gymnast

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If you are interested in someday becoming an Olympic gymnast, you have a long road ahead of you. However, it is possible to become a successful Olympic gymnast if you put forth all of the hard work,, effort and dedication that is required. First of all, you will want to find a good gymnastics coach who can show you all of the moves that you need to know. When searching for a gymnastics coach, make sure you do not settle for one who primarily teaches kids or who specializes in teaching adults who simply want to do it for exercise or as a hobby. Instead, look for a coach who has helped other students to succeed in competitions. Next, make sure that you put all of your effort into gymnastics. Not only will you need to practice gymnastics daily, but you will also want to exercise and get in the best shape possible. Ask your coach to push you to your limits; this will help you to achieve your goals. You will have to start with smaller competitions at first. However, as you begin to win these competitions, you will slowly but surely climb the ranks up to higher competition.